Tired of Watching Everybody ELSE going Silver?

Use Our Map and Go Silver FAST!

How About a Guaranteed System To Get You To Silver in 60 Days or Less!

We FOCUS on 3 Areas to Quickly Get You to Silver ! (Without "The Fluff")


We show you which 4 essential products "WOW" people when you are out and about to make you a prospecting machine!  Then, you can leverage these products to quickly get a 1-on-1 meeting with them so they get a "whole-body" experience of the oils.  Want to sell bigger kits, that's the ticket!

The initial "WOW" experience can create statements from them like, "WOW! That's amazing!  Where can I get these?  How can I find out more about them?"   That's why it's the first pillar of the 60 Days To Silver System.


The second pillar of the 60 Days to Silver system is to help you learn the essential business knowledge, skills, and tools to get you to Silver.  You'll gain both company-specific and general multi-level marketing knowledge. In addition, you'll develop skills to bring both people you know and don't know into your business team.

You'll also develop skills to help you stay organized and have special access to custom silver-building tools to keep track of all of your activities as you quickly build to Silver.


One thing for sure:  When you have confidence, you can build your business much faster because you KNOW you can do it. So, quickly building up your confidence is the third pillar of the 60 Days to Silver System.  Prospecting without fear, staying organized, doing both 1-on-1 as well as small group presentations with confidence will hyper-accelerate your business and help to create a team of business builders.

Learn Only What You Need - "No Fluff"

25+ Mini-Courses allow you to focus on just the things you need to know for SILVER
Foundational Training

Duration: 8h

This core training sets the stage for all of the other mini-courses.  Many lessons from this course will be leveraged by the mini-courses.

Prospecting People You Don't Know

Duration: 2h

For each course, ask yourself:

There are always more people you DON't know than you DO know. Learning how to enroll them to propel your business to Silver.  We'll show you how.

Small Group Classes

Duration: 2h

Small group classes are great for people with large numbers of people who want to learn about the oils AND to help your new team members start quickly before they know much.

AromaTouch Prospecting

Duration: 4h

One of the fastest ways to get people a whole-body experience is to leverage both the "WOW" and AromaTouch.  Learn how to get prospects there and how to close after the ATT is done.

Compensation Plan Clarity

Duration: 4h

Knowing the compensation means knowing how you get paid.  This is your business, so it is important for you to understand the compensation plan. You also need to teach it to your team. So sharpen your pencils!

Prospecting People You Know

Duration: 2h

Quickly build some momentum by bringing people you already know into the business on your team.

1-on-1 Presentations

Duration: 2h 

You can always make closer connections with 1-on-1's through deeper questions that help you help them get their needs met.  And, you can sell bigger kits with more motivated buyers who want to become business builders.

Selling "PRO" Kits

Duration: 4h

Selling "PRO" kits (Diamond and Every Oil kits) can create huge momentum in your business. Learn how to share the value to your prospects and how they become business builders.

Silver Placement Strategies

Duration: 2h

Knowing where to properly place new enrollments is critical if you want to build to Silver quickly and important for your longer term goals. We'll teach various tradeoffs to help you make the best placement decisions.

Planning Your Week

Duration: 2h

Planning your week and managing distractions is critical if you want to build your business quickly. "If you don't manage your time, it will manage you!"  Included is a custom 60 Days To Silver Weekly Planner.

About Ron Wilder

So, why should you listen to me? I went Silver in 35 days as soon as I decided it had to do it.  I was at 900 OV at the time I decided to make it happen.

As a Diamond with almost 30 Silvers and above on my team, I have the experience to give you the knowledge, skills and tools to help you create the same type of results. In addition, as a certified AromaTouch instructor for 4 years, I have learned how to teach over a hundred people how to no only do AromaTouches, but also how to leverage them to build their businesses.

It also turns out that I LOVE to teach and mentor people on their journeys and am an expert at creating online training systems. So, this combination should do well to help you. 

Bottom line: I love to show others how to do what I've done and look forward to helping you hit Silver fast because that creates belief in yourself and helps our company become even stronger!

“You have my promise to help you get to Silver fast. It's just the best way to get there because it builds momentum to take you to Diamond and beyond!”

When you join 60 Days To Silver, You’ll Get...

Foundational training and access to more than 25 Mini Courses that are hyper-focused on teaching you essential skills to get you to Silver quickly.


Access to our special "Go Silver Fast" member tools that help you stay organized on your journey and help you remember key things as you build.


With a "PRO" membership, you get 90 days of access to everything plus cash bonuses to help you stay engaged!     You also get a couple of free tickets to our live event: "Stabilizing Silver and Building to Gold"


What People are Saying...

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )


“I was so frustrated that I couldn't 'talk to strangers' until I learned how to do the WOW.  It has helped my business in a very big way!”

Sam (Silver)
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )


“It seemed like a lot of money, but after I figured out how much I was going to make as a Silver and how fast I could get there, I went for it!  I'm so glad I did!"

Dana (Silver)
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )


“I thought I couldn't 'touch' people.  That was just a limiting belief!  After I learned how to prospect with the ATT prospecting approach, I was amazed how easy it was to sign up people with bigger kits! Woohoo!"

Jim (Premier)

Is this Course Right for You?

60 Days to Silver is NOT for everybody.  You must really want to get to Silver and be willing to put the time and effort into it.


  • Distributors who just want to get it done quickly
  • People who are willing to commit the time and energy to get it done.
  • People who have been in the business for a while and don't have upline support but want the knowledge, tools, and skills to get them to Silver.
  • Distributors who want to build their confidence that they can do this and want to help others get there too. When you have confidence, you can manifest your dreams into goals!


  • People who are just testing the waters but don't have a strong desire to get to Silver
  • People who aren't willing to dedicate time, resources, and energy to do the work necessary to get to Silver
  • People who are already Silver or above.  We recommend sharing with your key builders so they can go Silver quickly.
  • People who are not willing to invest in their education from experts who have already done what they want to do and who can help them reach their goals.  
GUARANTEE: SILVER or Two Ranks in 90 Days

We will refund your purchase price if you:

  • 1. Complete the entire course and
  • 2. Don't go Silver or increase your rank by at least two levels within 90 days.

Just complete this online 60 Days To Silver system risk-free in 60 days (90 days for the PRO plan) and if you do not go Silver or increase your rank at least two levels within 90 days just send us a message and we'll refund your money, no questions asked.

Note from Ron: Everything below this section has to still be completed before making this page public.

Bonus Section, Time to Over Deliver!

Bonuses are super powerful and will add more value to your core offer. You can also use them to create urgency by offering a bonus for a limited time only.

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Free Bonus Report

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